Euribor forecast

6 Sep. 2023

Predicting the future of Euribor is always a challenge as it depends on a number of factors, including the economic situation, inflation and the ECB's policy. Nevertheless, we can make some general estimations for forecasting Euribor.

Euribor is likely to remain sensitive to changes in the European economic environment in 2023. If the economy continues to recover after the COVID-19 pandemic and inflation remains under control, Euribor rates could remain low. The policy of the European Central Bank, in particular its interest rates, will also play an important role in shaping Euribor.

At the same time, unexpected economic or geopolitical events can cause Euribor to fluctuate. It is therefore important to monitor developments in the European economy and the ECB's statements on the future of Euribor.

When considering financial decisions related to the Euribor, it is advisable to consult a financial advisor and monitor market conditions regularly, as this may affect Euribor forecasts and actual behaviour.

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